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  • And without words everything is clear


    This beautiful medium-sized bouquet is the best way to express your admiration to beloved. The color of the gerberas can be any, according to your desire. Do you want to make a closed one happy? There is nothing easier -just order a bouquet.

  • Bright Dreams

    A bright, warm bouquet with simple, elegant outlines and a classical scale is a gift that everyone will like.

  • Colorito

    Every our bouquet, as a work of art, everything in it has color,brightness, and aroma. You will be pleasantly surprised by the joy of a close to you person who will receive this bouquet.

  • Flecks of sunlight

    The weather outside is bad? We know how to decorate it. This flower arrangement – is a great possibility to color your weekdays .

  • Flower Fountain

    Roses and gerberas are a very elegant combination of flowers in a bouquet. Rose is nobility, and gerbera can convey your interest in a person. Surprise your loved ones with our  help.

  • Marvelous garden

    A generous and rich bouquet for those occasions when a person is worthy of your attention and care.

  • Orange Mix

    This is not a fairy tale, it's an amazing combination of colors in the composition: chrysanthemums, gerberas and roses. Surprise and be amazed !!!

  • Pink highlights

    Give flowers with and without reason. Every woman  will be happy with the flowers. Your girlfriend, sister, mother. Give flowers!

  • Pleasant memories

    Do you want to remind your beloved about yourself? Use this flower arrangement. It will be a worthy reflection of your shared memories.

  • Summer rain

    Charming composition in warm pink and pastel colors of fragile and delicate gerberas and roses will be a wonderful gift for your beloved.

  • Summer Surprise

    No one will ever be upset over simplicity and tenderness. Be romantic, present these flowers to your close people and make them happy.

  • Sunny morning


    Extraordinary brightness and riot of colors in this bouquet. And the warmth and generosity of the soul. We will be able to convey everything that can not be said in words.