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jt,1 Iris – Flowers


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  • All the flowers in this bouquet

    With this bouquet you will be remembered for a long time. Vivid impressions are remembered.

  • Give me the moonlight

    The flowers in our bouquet are as well combined as tempting shining moon seems to us. Present your favorite moonlight!

  • Irises and tulips – are unrivaled

    Bright spring flowers are freshness, romance and inspiration. Be romantic – believe in a fairy tale, give flowers!

  • Purple mood

    Do you ever notice the perfect combination of yellow and purple in the nature? Take a look at this, maybe you will find answers to the questions.

  • Sensitive freshness

    How sensual and frankly: irises, roses and chrysanthemums. We know how to create and how better to convey what do you feel.

  • Spring fantasies

    Want to awaken tender feelings? Our flowers are magic in your hands, which can make dreams a reality!

  • Summer rain

    Charming composition in warm pink and pastel colors of fragile and delicate gerberas and roses will be a wonderful gift for your beloved.

  • With best wishes

    Is it special occasion or did you just decide to make someone close to you happy? Simply and concisely. This bouquet is right choice.


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