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  • Kisses of summer

    Graceful sunflowers in combination with chrysanthemums and wild berries. A great way to share the happiness.

  • Leonora

    Bouquet Leonora by Flowers-Sacramento

    How can you tell about your tenderness and at the same time of reliability, braveness? Use for this purpose different means, but first of all – our flowers!

  • Lilies in the dew

    Is there anything more perfect in nature than beautiful lilies?  We do not know, but we have this bouquet for you.

  • Love knows no boundaries

    Bouquet for those who are far away from loved ones. Red roses will charm them and bring a lot of joy, warmth and pleasure.

  • Luxurious

    Present this luxurious bouquet of bright roses and delicate orchids. After all, they make a bouquet full of passion and love. It is accepted to remain silent about feelings, we will give all the warmth and tenderness with our flowers.

  • Marvelous garden

    A generous and rich bouquet for those occasions when a person is worthy of your attention and care.

  • Morning bouquet

    You must do it! Show your loyalty and make happy those who are dear to you! Our flower arrangement will help you with  this.

  • My love

    Yellow orchids framed by roses and tender greens. This is a great gift and a confirmation that you have feelings for a loved one.

  • Orange Mix

    This is not a fairy tale, it's an amazing combination of colors in the composition: chrysanthemums, gerberas and roses. Surprise and be amazed !!!

  • Paradise dreams

    Bouquet for those who are far away from beloved person. Gentle tones and emerald green will charm loved ones . Bring a lot of joy, warmth and pleasure to your dear.

  • Pink highlights

    Give flowers with and without reason. Every woman  will be happy with the flowers. Your girlfriend, sister, mother. Give flowers!

  • Pleasant memories

    Do you want to remind your beloved about yourself? Use this flower arrangement. It will be a worthy reflection of your shared memories.